Tuesday, November 27, 2007
macbook = crackbook

How's a PR Geek supposed to get on and confidently pitch a client into a ServiceTalk feature if their Macbook is disintegrating?

There's a (nearly) gaping hole where my left wrist rests. And a crack already showing on the right.

This seems to be a common problem and all roads lead to a design flaw. Here's just a taste of the horror...

Fix a crack, lose your (i)Sight (check out how similar the damage is to mine!) Macbook flaking... Literally (it's the same again! weird!) the macbook crack (hang on a minute...) Another one (I bet it's in the same place) My MacBook was cracked by itself (seems to be in a different place - this time on the screen) MacBook wrist pad crack (one of the many forum threads about this)

And there's a Flickr group about it - My MacBook was cracked by itself. Doesn't Apple test its computers before it ships 'em out?