Wednesday, December 19, 2007
iPhone down. Send help.

I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket to introduce my mother to Turin Brakes and it said: 'You have no music. You can download it from iTunes'.

'Thanks,' I said. 'But there should be at least 6GB of music, video and pictures in your tiny brain.'

'No,' it said. 'I'm empty. But you can download music and videos from iTunes.'

Then I plugged it into iTunes, and iTunes said: 'You've got 6.3GB of stuff on here. But it's not music, video or pictures, so you can't delete it.'

'Oh dear,' I said. 'Perhaps you could help me restore the iPhone to it's factory settings, delete all the data and let me re-upload my stuff?'

'No, sorry,' said iTunes.

'Dammit,' I said.