Saturday, December 01, 2007
iPhone ringtone

I'm now enjoying 30 seconds of REM's timeless classic 'What's The Frequency, Kenneth?' every time someone rings me on my iPhone. Or Orbital's 'Chime'. Or a little piece of The Smiths' 'How soon is now?'.

How? Hackery, that's how.

1. Create your ringtone in GarageBand. Import it from iTunes and cut it, or just belch into the microphone. Doesn't matter.
2. Export.
3. Rename exported file (which will have an .m4a extension) to .m4r.
4. Drag (or import) the renamed file into iTunes (which will recognise it was a ringtone).
5. Sync.

I'm sure they'll block this soon. When ringtones come to the UK they'll be wanting you to pay extra to use them...