Monday, January 07, 2008
My week in media: Meme me up

My Best Frenemy has tagged me in the 'my week in media' meme that's flitting about at the mo. In my view it's one of the duller memes (RSS feeds, Radio 4 and my PVR seem to be common answers) but it'd be rude not to respond. And I'm certainly not rude.

What I've read

The Mirror, The FT, The Mail, The Times (on Saturday - it was embarrassingly awful) and the Metro. Not all of them every day, of course, as that would be silly. But if I've read 10,000 words in those publications, I must've read a million on Twitter, my RSS reader, email, the web, the TV, billboards, and the backs of shampoo bottles. Oh, and Men's Health. I never miss an issue. Plus I read and write for a living, so there'll be a few press releases, opinion pieces, feature synopses and letters in there. I'm also trying to read Stuart Maconie's Pies and Prejudice. Loved Cider with Roadies and everything his mate Andrew Collins has ever written.

What I've watched

Lots and lots and lots of crap. Just in the last day I've watched a few minutes of Ten Years Younger, How To Look Good Naked, Extreme Makeover, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Extreme Makeover UK, Grand Designs, A Place In The Sun, Property Ladder, Big Brother Celebrity Hijack, Star Trek (The Next Generation), Top Gear, Pop Years and Top of the Pops 2. I viciously flick through all the Sky reality, lifestyle and comedy channels. Then I move to music channels, and spend hours watching videos like this one. We also have BBC News on all day on the big screens at work, and Sky News in the toilet (read into that what you will). On DVD it'll be films, films, films, then The Mighty Boosh, Nathan Barley and 24.

What I've listened to

I don't have a journey to work where I can listen to music or read - I ride a motorbike so have to concentrate / hold on for dear life. At the weekends I listen to the radio in the car and flick between (in order of my radio presets) Radio 1, Radio 2, Capital, Heart, Magic and Radio 4 every few minutes. At home I listen to iPod playlists featuring Jason Mraz, Kanye West, Biffy Clyro, Turin Brakes and Justin Timberlake on my Kensington SX-2000 while cooking extravagant meals. I'm obsessed with Tori Amos, so listen to at least one song of hers every day. I hate podcasts, because they are all rubbish.

What I've surfed

Who started this meme? This isn't supposed to be everything, is it? That would be silly, and possibly incriminating. Mainstream news includes the BBC, Guardian and Times. I'm rarely off YouTube, Twitter and Google. I love Boing Boing and Crave. If there was one site, and only one, that I could keep reading it would be B3TA. I have 2619 unread items in my RSS reader. Send help.

That's it. I get it now - that was fun to write.

I tag Wade, Will, Morgan, Paul, and Sam.