Thursday, January 03, 2008
Scoble banned from Facebook

Scoble's Facebook account has been suspended. It appears that the script he was using infuriated an automatic bot scanner that temporarily kicked him off.

I'm sure he'll get reinstated quickly (after all, it's a bit of a balls up when you consider his online following) but I want to know what he was doing!

He's not going to talk about the script until he speaks to its developer, which is understandable. But the whole affair has kicked off a great debate about who owns your data when you muck about online.

But was he measuring his own data, scanning other people's Facebook accounts for mention of himself, or secretly trying to force passwords of those that have infuriated him in the past? The developers of the Kindle, perhaps?

We'll have to wait and see...

UPDATE - Mike Butcher notes that he was probably trying to download his 5,000 contacts - sounds like a fair request to me. Unlike Drew I think Facebook will leap to reinstate him.