Saturday, February 23, 2008
The world's leading, I mean first, betting shop millionaire

There was a nice little report on ITV news tonight about the 'world's first betting shop millionaire'. Some bloke put 50p on eight races and all the horses won. William Hill gave him odds of 2,000,000-1 on his accumulator. That's winnings of £1,000,000.50. Not bad.

The report outlined the facts and said staff in the betting shop were amazed and couldn't believe it. Then they cut to an enthusiastic and well turned-out blonde lady in a William Hill uniform. "It's amazing!" she enthused. "I can't believe it. We have now seen the world's first betting shop millionaire." She went on to eloquently explain how it happened.

Eh? I worked in numerous betting shops over three years during college, and I never met a well turned-out or eloquent betting shop cashier. You'd be lucky if he or she took their cigarette out of their mouth long enough to tell you to 'bugger off'. You'd also be lucky if they left the baseball bat on the hook (true). They certainly don't speak in conveniently clipped and catchy soundbites.

Don't worry though. I found the nice lady on this page. That explains it.

Not a particularly 'real' reaction though, is it?