Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Twitter mini-meme

The Benvinator tagged me in his mini-meme (correction: Drew's colleague Tapio Liller's meme. Trust Drew to steal unsuspecting co-workers' ideas! Ahem.) pondering the virtues of being private or public when Twittering.

I think public is best. Depends on what you use Twitter for, but I don't see it as a closed network. I can use email for that. Or send an SMS or (heaven forbid) pick up the phone.

I see Twitter as a public forum - anyone that's used it can't deny its chatroom-like qualities - so a private setting really undermines the point of it in my view.

Overall Twitter is quickly becoming a way for blogging, social networking, email and SMS to merge. A nice combo when you think about it.

And if the rumours that Twitter has bought Summize are true, it may soon become a key part of the communications landscape for everyone. (Due to the fact that – unlike Twitter – Summize *actually works*.)

(Yikes! Forgot to tag ahead to keep the meme alive: Let's hear what Wade, Will, Alex, JP and The Reggae Reggae Blog think. You're it!)