Saturday, August 09, 2008
At last! Daily automatic link posting to Blogger

This must've taken me three years of looking. I love the idea of auto daily link posting (as it means you can share ideas on your blog without having to write a full post) but could never find a workable way to do it in Blogger. And I refuse to give up Blogger - I'm in too deep.

Anyway, I've had a breakthrough - bookmarking site Diigo has got a handy 'Daily Post to Blog' feature with a Blogger option. You can then plug in the Diigo toolbar to Firefox and one-click update.

First, set your account up on Diigo. Then go to 'tools' and 'Daily Blog Post'. Then it's just a case of inputting your blog username and password, then setting up a job (a bit like provides for TypePad blogs) with a post interval and time...

The Diigo service works with loads of blogging platforms, and you can set up multiple blogs that it publishes to simultaneously. Sweet.

The only problem with this is that I've had to switch from Google Notepad for my bookmarks - which was a bit of a wrench. Can't really see any reason with Google wouldn't offer this service, and if it did I'd switch back before you could say "Diigo's a rubbish name".