Thursday, October 16, 2008
Cisco launches telepresence worldwide

Being a gadget / 24 / Star Trek fan, Cisco's new telepresence launch should excite me. At this point, I should be saving up 299 of my dollars, then be running off to the nearest telepresence-equipped hotel suite and dialling up... let me think... my Auntie Jane in Canada. Auntie Jane, obviously, would also need to have done the same thing. Knowing her, she'd have had the same thought anyway.

I should be feeling excited about the prospect of speaking to virtual people while sitting at an actual table (well, half-actual, half-virtual). But Tata's 'multimedia press release' reminds me too much of a spot on late-night shopping TV. It's effectively killed any enthusiasm I may have had for this concept. I'm off to buy something from Dell instead.