Wednesday, December 17, 2008
@StickItToTesco and the 48-hour rampage

A lot of my Twitter buddies and I have been approached, flattered, hounded and teased by a brave day-old Twitter user, @StickItToTesco.

Closer inspection revealed a particularly aggressive and inventive representative of charity Action Aid. Apparently, she/he has got 48 hours to change the world.

Not sure why - maybe Action Aid's agency is on a very short retainer?

Nice try @StickItToTesco. You're up to over 17,500 views of your YouTube video at the time of writing. Good luck with the campaign.

And, by the way, the reasons we're all putting up with you are twofold:

1. You're representing a charity and flaming you would mean we would end up in hell
2. We all believe in fairness, particularly when faced with unfairness towards the vulnerable from massive, wealthy corporations.

Get involved yourself if you feel the urge at

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