Saturday, January 24, 2009
Bye bye DR

One of my all-time favourite design houses, The Designers Republic, has gone under, I've just read on Creative Review.

Big shame as, ever since I was first exposed to their twisted genius at the start of an unhealthy obsession with WipeOut (this and this still give me chills), I've admired their work. I love the mix of Japanese pop culture images, ironic distaste for consumerism and audacity to sell DR 'Home Access Device Identification Units' (or, in other words, keyrings) for too much money.

According to the interview with CR, however, they'll be back. Founder Ian Anderson makes some interesting comments too on the dynamic that was forced on DR following its big client wins: “I want to go back to what DR was. Working hands-on and not through account managers. I’ve never liked that agency model - it’s not where creativity lies. DR accidentally ended up there in order to service bigger clients."