Thursday, January 22, 2009
Review from the top

As a journalist, I used to write a column for Internet World magazine reviewing gadgets. If you don't believe me here's a weirdly cached article I wrote in 2002 on a new device called the 'BlackBerry'.

As a result, nice PR people would send me free stuff. Stuff to review, of course, but also wine and chocolates and books because they were nice PR people and I was a journalist. That means they get paid for sending me free stuff. Overall, the relationship was good.

Then I sent an email to an old friend, and ended up working on 'the other side'. I didn't get sent free stuff any more. I was the one doing the sending. (You know what's weird - some journalists send stuff back. Now I feel really guilty.)

But thanks to this blog attracting a small but respectable following, I'm getting free stuff again. Some of it is like the old days (tickets to mobile phone launch parties, new gadgets), while others are more random and due to me signing up for Kevin Dixie's fuelmyblog site.

All I'm really trying to say is... Prepare for some reviews appearing on this blog. I promise I'll be honest.