Monday, January 26, 2009
rustyrockets takes off on Twitter like a, erm, disgraced celeb who the papers demonised but who has recently been reborn?

Russell Brand joined Twitter today, using the Twitter handle @rustyrockets. The fact that he's a celebrity on Twitter isn't particularly interesting (celebs seemt to have embraced Twitter as quickly as they embraced the Sidekick). The fact that he's a few weeks behind best chum @wossy isn't particularly interesting. The fact that his tweets were in a camp pseudo-Victorian style while referencing 80s sci-fi isn't particularly interesting.

But the fact that I did a Twitter search on 'rustyrockets', went to make a cup of tea, then got back and he'd had 384 new results was *unbelievable*.

Actually, make that 402.

Oh, and in the last hour he went from a few followers to 3,740. I give up.