Sunday, March 29, 2009
Customer service: Good, better, best

For reasons too obvious to mention, customer service and customer service-orientated marketing has started to go into overdrive. I've been fortunate to experience three fantastic examples in the last few weeks. Take note, big business and their PR agencies - personal service is back, and it's working.

1. Good.

Habitat (who I've openly criticised before) sends me a personalised letter making me feel special, a nice brochure of their new stuff, and £10 off if I spend £50 or more.

2. Better.

Egg sends me an email asking me about my chat with Janine (at 8.59pm - not a good time for call centre staff I imagine) about their bizarre online security policy. I had, actually, lost my rag with Janine, but this short survey allowed me to feed back on the incident and now I feel better. (Janine was very good under the circumstances.)

3. Best.

I got this email from the founder of the Rare Tea Company, a small site where I bought a box of silver needle tea ages ago. Just click on the image to read it – it's wonderful. Then read the blog, and wonder at Henrietta's obsession with her company and its products. Then go buy some tea.