Monday, March 30, 2009
Thank you Tom Gorringe

I am typing out the letter that appeared on today's Metro Mail page in full (in our free morning paper The Metro with a 1.3m circulation, international readers) – purely to see what it feels like to have this level of genius come out of my fingers.

I would just like to defend Jacqui Smith's husband and his inadvertent mistake of watching porn and charging it to her expense account. I have a similar TV package and it is only too easy (particularly when my partner is not at home to assist me) to purchase an adult film.

When the film genres are displayed on screen it is easy to make a simple keying error on the remote control (pressing 'Yes', 'Are you sure?', 'Now enter your PIN' etc.). It is due to this very same complicated system on my TV that I have inadvertently purchased Bangkok Chick Boys and Linz's Dirty Dreams on several occasions. I for one am glad this scam by the cable companies has finally been exposed.

Tom Gorringe, Essex