Thursday, March 26, 2009
Twitter signs with Vodafone for free SMS in the UK

Twitter's news that it was cutting off SMS updates in the UK was much discussed. Some said it would kill the little blue bird, but that didn't happen. Far from it.

Now SMS is back with a deal with Vodafone for free SMS updates. Judging by the buzz around Twitter at the moment, it won't be long before the other networks join in. Will it make a difference to the unstoppable Twitterforce?

Update: Apparently the deal's exclusive toVodafone. How lame. Mind you, there aren't any decent phones on Vodafone contracts so they need SMS-based Twitter...
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Full SMS Service for Vodafone UK Customers!

Extending the power of the real-time network globally through the simple technology of SMS is a driving goal for Twitter. Anyone in the world can update Twitter via SMS but receiving tweets on your mobile has been restricted to North America. Today, we're happy to announce an agreement between Vodafone UK and Twitter. The shortcode for UK Vodafone customers is 86444 and you can activate your mobile in your Twitter settings.
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