Monday, April 06, 2009
Press Gazette closes after 43 years

Media industry magazine the Press Gazette is being closed by relatively new owner Wilmington after two years of battling to save it. While this is a shame - I used to be a subscriber while at University, forcing my local shop to order it in for me - it appears that Wilmington will be keeping the site going as a resource for journalists, including the rollout of 'additional functionality'.

6 April 2009

Wilmington statement:

We are sorry to announce the closure of Press Gazette magazine.

For 43 years Press Gazette has been the leading magazine for the UK journalism profession. Wilmington Group plc bought Press Gazette out of administration in 2006, since when we have invested significant sums each year to try to develop the magazine and to bring it to profitability. Unfortunately Press Gazette, along with much of the profession, has suffered from a declining market during these years and its losses have increased. We have therefore been forced to conclude that the market required to sustain a commercially viable Press Gazette magazine no longer exists. The last hard copy edition of Press Gazette will therefore be the May edition which will be published in April.

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