Monday, May 18, 2009
Another social media backlash

One of the worst things you can in the blogosphere is be sexist. Just look at what happened when Motrin suggested that baby slings give Moms backache.

This time it's Dell - currently riding high on its Twitter successes, it goes and shoots itself in the foot by launching a site with tips on how women PC users can find recipes and count calories. Whoops.

What Do Women Want in a Laptop?

The computer maker recently took the wraps off a new Web site geared toward women called Della, which advertises Dell’s line of Inspiron Mini 10 netbooks.

The site originally featured tech “tips” that recommended calorie counting, finding recipes and watching cooking videos as ways for women to get the most from a laptop.

But the approach may have done more harm than good: A backlash erupted online, as both women and men described the Web site as “ridiculous,” “gimmicky” and, as one disgruntled Facebook member wrote on Dell’s Facebook page, “Lamest move ever!”

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