Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Poor proofing or blogging blotto?

We've all done it - written something quickly and published it without thought, only to realise the following morning that our brain wasn't completely engaged.

But the we're not Tory candidates calling our rivals naughty words. Not sure how this could've happened. A private joke that missed the final proofread? An out-of-control autocorrect function?

(If you read the whole article you'll see he meant to write 'councillor'.)
clipped from news.sky.com

A Tory candidate has apologised for a using the word "c***" while writing about his Labour rival.

Richard Graham row

Richard Graham, a Conservative hopeful for Gloucester, blamed lack of proofreading for using the swear word in connection with Parmjit Dhanda, the city's Labour MP.

The hastily-removed online opinion piece about expenses - picked up by the Gloucester Citizen newspaper - said constituents wished to see "some honesty and hard work from their c***".

Writing on his web page, Mr Graham said: "To any reader who read this website early Monday morning, when there were some typos - including a word I never use verbally or in writing - a big apology.

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