Friday, June 12, 2009
Family Flickr photo filched

Love this story about a photo, taken by a nice American family for their Christmas cards and shared on the net, getting ripped off and used in a shop window in Prague.

Picture 1

As we share more and more of our personal lives on the web this kind of

thing is bound to happen more often. A quick Google image search for 'family' and you get a whole host of suitable shots. People crave visual stimulation and it's tempting to just use the ones you find online. And not everyone will ask first, like the producers of Iron Man did.

I tried to navigate the confusion of the Creative Commons framework for copyright and gave up. I'm assuming most people don't know about it, or don't understand it either.

That said, if I'm walking down Bratislava High Street and I see a photo of me in a shop window, I like to think I'd be chuffed.