Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Sky News is on to Habitat...

30 minutes ago, Sky's Twitter correspondent Ruth Barnett asked the Twittersphere for people happy to be filmed talking about the @habitat hashtag fiasco (summary: Habitat boosts traffic to discounted garden chairs by adding random tags about things people are searching for most. Like Iran.).

22 minutes later she Tweeted that she had what she needed. Now that's fast - a fascinating demo of how Twitter can be used for focused and immediate newsgathering. It's also interesting to see who responded and how.

Here is my prediction on what's about to happen.

Twitter geek / PR person ends up on Sky News talking about stuff they don't really understand, but thought it might be cool to go on TV as it'll make them look like they understand business and Twitter and TV and stuff. Hilarity ensues.

Make sure you're watching Sky News today to see if I'm right.

(Yes, I'm just bitter I didn't spot her Tweet inside the golden 22 minutes. Mind you, I once did go on TV to talk about blogging. It all ended with my girlfriend saying that on TV I looked like a 'funny little man'. Probably for the best, then.)