Thursday, June 25, 2009
Things not to say in meetings

Dear technology PR people,

Here are five things never to say in client meetings, in reverse order of career limiting severity:

5. "If this ever catches on..."

It will catch on. Your probably doing its PR, and if you're not sure whether it'll catch on, who the hell is?

4. "I'm amazed at the kinds of things people blog about."

Blogging has revolutionised publishing, creating a billion microniches. Deal with it and go read Goths In Hot Weather.

3. "What does [technology abbreviation] stand for?"

Obscure and unrelated abbreviation = fine. What your client claims to be the world's leading supplier of = could do better.

2. "I don't use RSS."

This is like having a TV with a million channels, but only watching one. With the sound down.

1. "I've never had tried an iPhone, but..."

The iPhone and its applications have changed the tech game completely. Drop what you're doing, get yourself down Carphone Warehouse and have a go on one, right now.

(By the way, I heard all of these phrases in the last week.)