Monday, July 13, 2009
Monday Metro mirth

I can't decide which story I like best in today's Metro.

A) German guide 'insults' Essex - a German travel guide, found in a Colchester chip shop, contained filthy jokes about Essex girls and the revelation that the men 'wear white tennis socks and zoom around in a souped-up Ford XR3i breaking the speed limit'. Did it really say that? Do Germans know what a souped-up Ford XR3i is?

B) A face for the top job - Vauxhall commissioned a study by Kent University to find the characteristics of the best bosses. Apparently it's all about foreheads, lips and eyebrows. Cue computer-generated images of the blandest people who (n)ever lived, and completely risk-free quote from a college Professor.

C) Naked rival to Facebook unveils itself - quote a disappointing headline (and no pictures) for an amazing story about how a 24 year-old has created a social network for nudists. 'The site was created after a group of students stumbled on a nudist beach' (as a joke, then). There are now a staggering 6,000 members. Not long to go before it rivals Facebook's 200 million.