Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Tasty pieces of Apple

It's always with a slight thrill that you discover something reasonably secret about Apple. The company spends so much time hiding things, that a free morsel tastes so much sweeter. It's like being given a crisp from someone's packet - 300% tastier than if it came from your own.

There have been a couple of great insights into Apple's ongoing product development this week - at extreme ends of the spectrum.

First, the tablet rumours are hotting up, with the expected 'Three Chinese manufacturers receive huge and mysterious orders from California computer company' headlines and the unavoidable (and often desperately hopeful and hopefully desperate) mocked-up images.

Further down the scale of excitement was AppleInsider's discovery of a patent for 'touch and go' USB devices. Obviously many of these patents are filed well in advance of any actual product plans, but the thought of being able to release a USB drive without the fiddly eject step is a nice idea that would give me a few microseconds back to my day.

Not sure why I felt like sharing. I'm not a fanboy or anything.

(Perhaps you got a slight thrill too?)