Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Quote of the day: Liam Fox

The writer in me is drawn to well-crafted phrases I read in the papers, whoever they're from. Sometimes, people are able to sum up one situation so devastatingly that I'm compelled to reproduce the comment here.

Today, the papers reprise shadow defence secretary Liam Fox's comments to the BBC on Gordon Brown's silence over the release of the Lockerbie bomber:
"Gorden Brown is willing to give us his opinion on the death of Michael Jackson, he gave us his opinion on the racism row in Big Brother, he has taken time out to give us his vews on England's victorious cricket team... But there is a deafening silence on the release of a mass murderer – a decision which is likely to impact on Britain's reputation for justice and our relations with the United States. I think it's inexplicable, in fact, I think it's cowardly."