Wednesday, August 19, 2009
"They came out of nowhere": Our corporate photoshoot gets serious

Our agency photographer was out today getting shots of the management team for our annual report. Based in Westminster, there are a lot of really grand buildings around that create the perfect backdrop for a reportage-style executive portrait.

Except one of them is MI5.

A couple of shots into what my colleagues (our photographer is Canadian, the VP he was shooting is German) thought was an innocent shoot, and suddenly "the police are all over them".

With three cars on the scene - one intercepting them, two shutting down the road at each end - and a helicopter overhead, they soon learn that taking photos outside a significant government building can get very scary, rather quickly.

The officers, it turns out, were friendly. After taking their details, checking the pictures on the camera and listening to some hurried explanations, they let them go (complete with carbon copy of their statement and a leaflet on 'increasing community confidence').

We got to keep the pictures too.