Thursday, September 03, 2009
Feedly shows off startup service

If there is one thing that differentiates a young, hungry company with a great idea from an old, comfortable company that's a household name, it's the speed of communication with customers.

Feedly - the web-based RSS reader (although I'm doing it a disservice calling it that) - replied within 31 minutes of me randomly tweeting that Feedly wasn't working.

31 minutes later...

... And by the time I'd logged back in, Feedly had patched itself and was working perfectly again.

This level of attention to detail is what so many companies - large and small - strive for at the moment. I've heard so many reports of the big telcos and airlines, once known for appalling customer service processes, connecting one-to-one with users via Twitter.

It seems that the new battleground is the sub-60-minutes reply. Every time it happens, it's a joy. I'm aware that Twitter only represents a tiny population, and success rates are changeable, and that an hour is a long time for a response if you're hanging on the phone, but this represents a start. A strong start. And remember, I don't even pay to use Feedly.

As the large corporations start to realise that quick, direct connections with individuals is a good thing and start covering the other conversations (Facebook, Flickr, YouTube etc.), customer service will change forever.

I wonder if my new friends at Feedly can hear me now?