Tuesday, September 01, 2009
Naked people at Edelman shocker - watching the PR pros in action

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Naked protest: Edelman's London HQ

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It's always interesting to see how a big PR agency handles its own crisis. Today, a group of naked protesters glued themselves to each other in the offices of Edelman PR (just around the corner from us in Victoria).

Making a point about Edelman's work for client EON and its coal-burning powerstation, the Climate Camp activists brought the spotlight onto a PR powerhouse.

Here is an excerpt from the Twitter stream of Edelman UK CEO, Robert Phillips:

And how about this article on Sky News' website, which laments the protesters' inability to have a decent conversation, "more intent on going for the headline, picture story and the sound-bite, rather than for a constructive and engaged conversation"? (Interesting view from a PR agency.)

So what do you think? Is Edelman right in demonstrating its complete openness and willingness to talk?

Or are they just very keen to be seen as approachable?

UPDATE: It's worth reading the comment from the Climate Camp on my post over on The Media Blog. Apparently there was a (fully clothed) representative there who was waiting to speak to someone from Edeleman. Guess what? Nobody came to speak to him...