Tuesday, September 08, 2009
Spotify: Why I'm not buying

I have an iPhone, love music, and love Spotify. But although tempted, I've decided I'm not going to upgrade my account to premium in order to use the iPhone app just yet.

Why? Well, I'll tell you. Because...

It's not worth the money.

Paying £10 a month to listen to someone else's music collection is too much. Spotify isn't even as good as borrowing. At no point are you really in possession of the music.

Their collection isn't big enough.

If I'm paying a subscription to hear music, I want unlimited choice. I don't want the nagging worry that the music isn't there. Note: There is no Oasis on Spotify.

The tech isn't reliable.

Spotify is still very new. The desktop client still crashes or loses connection for no reason. The search is worryingly dumb. The automatic update froze my computer.

It isn't social.

OK, so you can send links to playlists to people. But the content isn't truly portable, or embeddable, or shareable on social networks. It just isn't part of my life(stream).

It's free anyway.

I run the free Spotify service on my Mac at home, in my kitchen, plugged into a sound system. This is enough for me. I don't mind the ads. Even the Suitopia one.