Wednesday, October 14, 2009
The Jackenhacks bitterness in summary

Jackenhacks co-host Steve Earl has stirred up a lovely pot of passive bile on his blog today.

As I know you're a digital person and can only microchunk (and therefore not read his whole post and the 20-odd comments), here's my summary:

Steve Earl: People are taking things a bit seriously, aren't they?
Someone: It's nasty. I'm boycotting it and you.
Someone else: Come off it, it's only a bit of fun.
Another person: I don't like it. It's got too personal.
And another: What's wrong with you all? They're joke awards!
Someone new: I can't bear it. I'm really upset.
Will Sturgeon: Ah well. Let's just all get pissed, eh?

I'm with Will on this (at the bar).