Monday, October 12, 2009
Standard sets the standard

I'm looking forward to my first free Evening Standard tonight. The Standard seller in the Tube station always used to look so forlorn as thousands of people milled past him with their copies of the London Lite or London Paper. Tonight, he fights back.

Hangonaminute... Will they be keeping them on? The newsstand vendor (complete with handwritten headline behind a metal mesh and indecipherable shouts summing up the day's top story) is one of the defining images of London life. Are they going to be replaced by a new hoarde of freesheet distributors, dressed in luminous PVC and branded baseball caps?

According to the statement from the Evening Standard, distribution will be via "260 merchandisers and vendors handing out copies". The number matches the existing vendor community so it looks like they are staying on.

That group used to buy their copies and sell them on... So are they paying them now?