Thursday, October 29, 2009
Take a Peek at BlackBerry

There isn't anything available in the UK that can compete with BlackBerry for a piece of the mobile email space.

Trust me, I've just been through the weird process of buying a new mobile phone. The market is full of widescreen-media-player-phones, high-resolution-camera-phones and social-networking-and-comes-in-pink-too-phones.

But for email - and, more specifically, actually being able to type emails and rely on them being sent and received - the BlackBerry kicks ass every time.

Which is why I'm so keen to see the Peek arrive here as soon as possible. It takes what BlackBerry has done and strips it down even more. No glossy screens, downloadable apps and faux-leather. Just basic email and a keyboard.

Peek's latest PR coup is the TwitterPeek, a device that costs $200 and only lets you interact with Twitter. The killer twist is that the $200 covers your connectivity too, so there are NO BILLS WHATSOEVER. That's so good it actually hurts me a little bit inside.

I remember the first time I had a go on a BlackBerry. I was in the US, it was 2000 and the device itself looked like a pager. Even back then I knew it was going to be massive and was surprised it hadn't made its way to the UK yet. (Note to self: Go dig out the column I wrote about it for Internet World magazine.)

The Peek reminds me of that feeling, and not only because it looks and acts like an old 'Berry. So when will we see it arrive?