Monday, November 09, 2009
The Economist gets down with the kids

I picked up my free 'sampler' copy of The Economist this morning from the cheery chaps who seem to be outside my tube station every day now. (Despite honing their freesheet skills on Stylist, Shortlist, Sport and The Evening Standard they were struggling to give this one away.)

Having read it on the journey in, I can only imagine the editorial meeting that resulted in this 22-page taster.

"Let's give away a free copy of The Economist, with stuff in that'll win new readers."

"How about just giving next week's away for free?"

"Nah - we need to act cool. So, you know, they buy us next time."

"Well... We did that article about legalising drugs, like, in March?"

"Brilliant. Stick it in. And how about that article we did about Heathrow where we suggested the third runway was a bad idea and called Gordon Brown 'as noxious as a jet engine's exhaust?"

"The kids'll go crazy! And let's reprint that one we did in the summer about the Greek trying to steal stuff from the British Library. Just in case we get some arty types."

"Hmm. But what about the finance pages? What if they think we go on too much about economics?"

"Don't worry - there's that one we wrote the global prices of Big Macs in July. They'll dig that."

"Awesome. Now let me just rustle up an editor's letter that explains what a 'leader' is..."