Thursday, November 26, 2009
Five learnings from Gartner on social media's impact on PR

This week's webinar by James Lundy, managing VP of the high-tech and telecoms team at Gartner, contained some interesting insights into how analysts are viewing the future of influence. This is what he said...

1. The fight for the social profile is starting.

Social software, externally-facing customer communities and public social networks all collide at the ‘social profile’ – the bit the user owns and stores their personal data. That is where the new influence battleground is going to be.

2. Everyone in a company should be media trained.

Social networking has made everyone in your company a spokesperson. Some people they engage with might be journalists. As a result, everyone in the company should have a basic knowledge of media relations and the corporate messages.

3. Overreaction is a danger.

With so much being said about a brand, and so many ways to monitor every conversation, it’s tough to know when not to get involved. The web fosters overreaction, so companies need to pick battles carefully or they’ll get drawn into conversations that’ll do more harm than good.

4. A next big thing is ‘fourth generation collaboration’.

Aggregation and sharing of content and opinion across networks, firewalls and devices is what Gartner calls ‘fourth generation collaboration’. Lundy used the example of someone Yammering from within a company, then sharing that content across Twitter.

5. The Fiesta Movement 2011 was good social media marketing.

Lundy cited the Ford campaign (where members of the public were offered not-yet-released cars to borrow for six months and encouraged to document their application via video) as a great example of a big brand reaching out via social channels.