Monday, November 09, 2009
Isolating the profile of a Twitter user

Based on information gleaned from Viralheat, here is the exact consumer footprint of a Twitter user.

  1. They make calls on their iPhone or BlackBerry or Android or Nokia or Motorola device.
  2. They're calling on T-Mobile or O2.
  3. They watch YouTube or CNN or Disney or MTV or BBC.
  4. They drink Starbucks or Coke or Pepsi and eat in KFC.
  5. They drive a Toyota or Ford or BMW or Honda or Nissan.
  6. They wear Gucci or Nike or Chanel or Tiffany (possibly simultaneously).
  7. They shop on Amazon or Ebay or in Ikea.
  8. They have an Apple or a Dell or a Sony or a Samsung computer.
  9. Their computer has Microsoft installed and Intel inside.
  10. They read Mashable or TechCrunch or The Guardian.
  11. They fly British Airways.
  12. They listen to Spotify.
  13. They play with Lego.
  14. They Digg you.
  15. They talk about Twitter (a lot).
  16. They are 31.
(I made this up in three minutes, based on precisely no analysis whatsoever. Cool eh? Terrifyingly, when applied to my life it's 100% accurate. And I lie about my age.)