Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Think before you sync

I saw an interesting Facebook status update / Tweet / blog post from Wadds yesterday that raised the perennial - and slightly self-indulgent - question about whether to cross-post your thoughts across all your social networks.

The issue has come to the fore again thanks to LinkedIn's decision to hook up with Twitter, allowing you to sync updates between the sites.

While there is no set rule, here's my foolproof (ahem) formula to use as a guide.

Score yourself 1 for 'no' and 2 for 'yes'.

1. Do you modify how you speak at work compared to when at home / among friends?
2. Are you hating your job, or looking for a new one?
3. Have you added any Facebook friends to a 'limited profile' list?
4. Would using Twitter at work be for personal reasons only?
5. Do you work in an industry / job that is not in communications?
6. Would you say you were an outspoken person?
7. Are you yet to start your own blog?
8. Is your mobile phone something other than an iPhone?
9. Are you over 30?
10. Do you like a drink?


If you scored less than 12: SYNC.

You are fully in control of your message, and need to spread it far and wide - possibly as part of your job. Make sure you stay interesting, on-brand and inoffensive.

If you scored 12-15, THINK BEFORE YOU SYNC.

You are a borderline case. You should be keeping all your networks up to date with your life, but you risk spamming your mates. Use tools that allow you to sync selectively.

If you scored more than 15, DO NOT SYNC.

Your networks don't naturally overlap, so keep your lives separate. Otherwise, you'll probably just get drunk and accidentally Tweet your boss and tell them how much you hate your job.

Good luck out there.