Thursday, November 19, 2009
Top ten social networking annoyances

[Begin TOTP chart music now.]

10. People tagging pictures so hideous that your own mother wouldn't admit to knowing you.
9. @idiotfriend What lightsaber through yonder window breaks? #ifshakespearewrotestarwars
8. Twitter account status: Rate limit exceeded.
7. The fail whale.
6. @idiotfriend 'Good morning Twitterland!'
5. 'Awaiting friend confirmation.' Why? What's wrong with me?
4. @sexygurl1984 hi @prgeek check out my pics xxx
3. Motivational speakers. Ban them all.
2. 'Hey! I've added you to my mafia family!' Does that mean I can have you killed?
1. Motherf***ing Farmville.

They're mainly Twitter-based, aren't they?