Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Christmas clearout

I've just had a giant Winterval clearout of my RSS reader. Oh yes, this is big time exciting. Try to contain yourself.

I'm down to 83 feeds. Ones that I know work best in Google Reader, and that I don't catch up with elsewhere (like iGoogle, Twitter, Facebook or my browser bookmarks).

But I'm stuck with loads of uncategorised blogs. So I'm going to have a sort out here too. These are not news sources or blogs I *need* to read every day. Most are PR, but a few aren't.

Here's the list I'm working with - you never know, there might be some you haven't discovered yet...

A PR Guru's Musings

PR Blogger
Morgan McLintic on PR
Drew B's take on tech PR
Confused of Calcutta
Charles on... Anything that comes along
Blue Soup
Just Juiced
PR nowandthen
PR Studies
renaissance chambara
The Journal of Rockett Science
Ross Mayfield's Weblog
Rough Type
Simon Wakeman
Brendan Cooper
The Opposite Direction
PR, the Universe and Everything
Word Wise