Monday, December 21, 2009
I know it's been a tough year but...

The Observer's 2009 quiz, sweetly headlined 'This one's for all the family' features 100 questions so miserable I only got halfway through before needing a lie down.

Some example questions:
  • What is cello scrotum?
  • More than 600 TV jobs are being lost, mainly in Leeds, due primarily to the closing of which two programmes?
  • Six people were injured after auditions for a reality show turned into a shambolic stampede in the streets of New York, during which three people were arrested. Which show?
  • Everyone knows the name Phil Spector, who was finally jailed this year for murder. But can you remember the name of his female victim?
  • American Dr Tiller was shot dead in his church by anti-abortionists. He worked in one of only three clinics in the States which continues to perform terminations after how many weeks?
And my personal favourite:
  • Artist Maurice Agis was fined £10,000 for having breached health and safety protocols when his inflatable sculpture Dreamspace burst free of its moorings and floated away in 2006, with people inside. How many people died?
Fun for all the family! I can imagine the conversations going on across Britain as people settle down with a mulled wine and some mince pies...

"Was it five?"
"No, I think it was less. Some were just maimed."
"Does it count if they've died since 2006?"
"Hang on, wasn't this quiz supposed to be about 2009?"