Thursday, January 07, 2010
Hard drives are a girl's best friend

Just saw this brilliant message from a journalist on a well-known lads' mag to the PR community (via the messaging system Response Source):


Please, PR world, 'call off the hounds' on my previous response source asking for Valentines gift ideas for girlfriends. My inbox is now officially crashed under the weight of hi-res imagery.

Also, when a writers inbox is full, it's never a good idea to start emailing busy designers asking them to forward emails on. As one of our more polite designers put it, she is not my secretary.

Thank you all for the ideas though, and we have everything we need now.

Please, Schtop!

ps. Would any of you honestly give a hard drive to a woman for Valentines Day?!

They say romance is dead.


Hilarious, fair and nowhere near the public PR-bashing of other messages we've seen this week. It sums up how the PR / journo relationship should be.

But who really forwards press releases to magazine designers and asks them to forward them to the journalist? That's just odd. And a touch desperate.