Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Ten signs that say you're addicted to foursquare

1. You nearly blurted out "But I'm the Mayor!" when your local coffee shop screwed up your order.

2. You've started using '
check in' instead of 'visit', 'go', or 'see'.

3. You desperately hope to see someone else using it in public (but haven't).

4. Your iPhone battery lasts three hours.

5. You've checked in from a toilet.

6. You visit new places solely for the rush you get from '+5 points'.

7. You've vowed to have more of a life this year.

8. You know the exact location of a person you've never met at all times.

9. Someone that doesn't know you knows your exact location at all times.

10. The last time you were this excited about badges, you were 8.

Any more?