Tuesday, February 23, 2010
If Alice in Wonderland thinks it's getting to my Facebook friends, it's mad (as a you-know-what)

Tim Burton's new excuse to watch Johnny Depp gurn is already causing controversy due to Disney's plans to launch the DVD just 12 weeks after being released in the cinema.

But despite the uproar, the marketing machine continues to churn out new ways to get bums on seats during the opening weekend. The latest is this interactive ad that you can personalise and control without leaving the page it's on:

But the execution of this ad worries me. A bit like the spectacular McDonalds / Avatar fail, this ad is all about the technology. You give it control of your webcam, then give it control of your Facebook account. I'm not one to freak out about that, so am fine with the mechanism itself.

What I find so wrong is that, in what seems to be a frantic rush to get at all your mates, ad agency Sprout has made something DULL. All the creativity has been taken away.

Remember similar personalisation tricks on 'Elf Yourself' and the 'Mini Adventures'? Those were funny. You forwarded them to show people how clever they were. I was amazed at how the tech worked seamlessly with the creative to make something wonderful.

This ad gives you the opportunity to create a static image of yourself and then stick it on your Facebook wall. Thanks but no thanks. Even the design and typography is tired and repetitive.

Digital comms is capable of so much more than this. It's been four years since we superimposed colleagues' heads onto the Scissor Sisters and made them dance. Why have we gone backwards?