Thursday, February 04, 2010
Is it right to broadcast your whole life to the internet? Mike thinks so...

My colleague Mike has just featured on his local news station because he has - shock horror - signed up for Blippy.

Stuff he buys from sites like Amazon or iTunes is now broadcast to his Blippy friends. He also took the decision to plug it into his bank account, so it broadcasts details of his transactions as they happen.

The story has created a bit of a buzz in the office. Half think he's mental. They also tend to be the ones who don't get Foursquare yet, despite my repeated demonstrations. Half think it's cool. They tend to work in the digital team.

The main worry for the non-believers is that someone will work out how to use this information to scam him.

I personally think it's a nice little experiment into social content, pushing the boundaries on the kinds of information we share every day, without giving you yet another site to update (as it all happens automagically).

That said, I'm not going to sign up yet. It's just not appropriate that you know how much I spend on booze...