Friday, March 12, 2010
Tech PR after party: "Tell me more, tell me more..."

I've just seen Peter Hay's writeup in PR Week on the 'after party' that followed Will Sturgeon's recent, and awesome, Tech PR Drinks (thanks again Will!).

For those of you who felt that karaoke and a 3am finish was unwise for a Wednesday (you're right, by the way), I thought I'd fill you in on the fun a little bit more...

The venue? The wonderful Gallery Rendezvous (three tatty rooms above a Chinese restaurant in Soho). Lucky Voice it ain't.

The attendees? Communications big-hitters including Kath Pooley, Nadia Saint, Louise Waller, Anna Longstaff, James Warnette and Peter Hay.

The playlist? (Note: This is pieced together from various emails / tweets based on some rather fragmented memories.)

Don't Go Breaking My Heart: Peter Hay + Girls
Bed of Roses: Jon Silk + Nadia Saint
Summer Nights: Boys vs. Girls
She's The One: James Warnette + Kath Pooley
Four Minutes: Anna Longstaff + Jon Silk
If I Could Turn Back Time: Peter Hay + Nadia Saint
Paparazzi: Jon Silk + James Warnette
California Dreaming: Louise Waller, Nadia Saint + Kath Pooley
Promiscuous: Kath Pooley, Anna longstaff + James Warnette
Total Eclipse Of The Heart: Peter Hay + Louise Waller
How Deep Is Your Love?: Kath Pooley + Peter Hay
Fernando: Peter Hay (solo finale)

Make sure you're there next time!