Wednesday, May 19, 2010
iPad: First 24 hours

I unwrapped my iPad at about this time last night so thought I'd share some initial experiences - by typing this post on it, of course.

First - the good.

1. Browsing the web is INSANE.
2. Typing is easy, accurate and fast.
3. YouTube videos redefine YouTube completely.
4. I have never seen a screen like it, OLED or otherwise.
5. I've still got 26% battery, despite heavy use.

Now, the bad.

1. No Flash has stopped me using a couple of sites so far.
2. File management is weird. You can't browse for images to insert in a blog post, for example.
3. The screen is covered in fingerprints.
4. iPhone apps look RUBBISH.
5. Some apps (TweetDeck) are not fully baked.

Overall I'm way, way more impressed than I thought I would be. When Steve Jobs said it was 'magical', he wasn't far off. Oh, and despite multiple reports saying it's heavy, it's light. Really light.

Here, in no particular order, are the apps I've downloaded so far. Any tips on other good ones are always gratefully received!

USA Today
Thomson Reuters

Don't worry, I won't be posting every day about it. Just wanted to share some initial thoughts in case you were interested!