Friday, May 28, 2010
PR person touches up reporter, wins

This video of a hospital's PR guy wrong-footing a TV journalist well-known for his aggressive interview technique is hilarious.

My theory is (based on no background knowledge or research) is that hospital community relations director Marc Slavin knows that Dan Noyes hates being touched, so uses it relentlessly to get rid of him. He's obviously goading the livid reporter to lash out by the end - therefore creating the possibility of an even bigger story than the hospital trust fund that Noyes is trying in vain to investigate.

It doesn't quite work as Marc does come away looking a bit odd and obstructive - which isn't the way PR should work at all (remember the notorious iPhone launch interview, anyone?). But his actions do seem to completely wrong-foot an allegedly tough interviewer.

Anyway, I've decided to throw out all my media training tips and replace them with one line...

"Touch up journalists".