Monday, May 24, 2010
Twitter bans advertising (except its own)

Under the wonderfully ambiguous headline 'Enduring Value', Twitter has just stopped support for any third-party advertising platforms.

Say goodbye to any service that injects ads into a Twitter timeline - oh, except Twitter's own Promoted Tweets service, of course.

In a blog post the company explains how any ad model that they don't own threatens the user experience. Here's an excerpt:

First, third party ad networks are not necessarily looking to preserve the unique user experience Twitter has created. They may optimize for either market share or short-term revenue at the expense of the long-term health of the Twitter platform. For example, a third party ad network may seek to maximize ad impressions and click through rates even if it leads to a net decrease in Twitter use due to user dissatisfaction.

Secondly, the basis for building a lasting advertising network that benefits users should be innovation, not near-term monetization. Twitter is uniquely dependent on and responsible for the long-term health and value of the platform. Accordingly, a necessary focus of Promoted Tweets is to explore ways to create value for our users. Third party ad networks may be optimized for near-term monetization at the expense of innovating or creating the best user experience. We believe it is our responsibility to encourage creative product development and to curb practices that compromise innovation.