Wednesday, June 02, 2010
iPad vs netbook (you asked for it)

I tweeted last night that I had "Used the netbook for the first time in a while tonight. Now back on the iPad. Wow, what a difference."

Due to the fact that my tweets hit LinkedIn, FriendFeed and my blog, I got quite a few responses asking for more detail.

Here you go, everyone.

1. The iPad is easier to type on than my netbook. (Ya rly.)
2. The iPad is faster than my netbook.
3. The iPad's screen is at least 10 times nicer than my netbook.
4. The iPad is lighter than my netbook.
5. The iPad syncs with my work email, unlike my netbook.
6. The iPad does more things than my netbook. (Like gaming.)
7. The iPad's touchscreen makes browsing at least 100 times nicer than via my netbook's mousepad.
8. The iPad balances better on my knees than my netbook.
9. The iPad's battery lasts three times longer than my netbook.

I could shoot for ten things but I'd be reaching.

And to answer your next three questions:

1. It's a Samsung NC10.
2. No, the iPad won't replace it.
3. Because it's not perfect.