Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Delicious error sees Twitter accounts (including mine) filled with old links

In a post on his blog last year, bookmarking service Delicious' founder Joshua Schachter said URL shortening services were a bad idea:

"The worst problem is that shortening services add another layer of indirection to an already creaky system. A regular hyperlink implicates a browser, its DNS resolver, the publisher's DNS server, and the publisher's website."

It was an interesting point at the time. Too many layered services leaves a lot of points of failure.

How ironic then that a timestamp error last night by Delicious meant that people saw all their most recent bookmarks being duplicated and reposted. Those who publish theirs via Twitter (like me) saw their profiles full of out-of-date links and confused followers. Sorry all.

I use dlvr.it for a lot of things that automate my social stuff, sharing bookmarks, links I like in Google Reader or posts I write to multiple Twitter streams. I immediately thought it was their fault so looked into it, finding a detailed description of Delicious' timestamp error on the dlvr.it community page. I can't find any info on Delicious' own blog or support site that even acknowledges there was an issue.

Since Yahoo bought Delicious, like much of their acquired technology, nothing seems to have changed or improved. It's still very much the same service that was operating when I started using it (pre-Yahoo) in 2005.

Looks like it's time to find something else.