Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Fiat puts its Faith in music

In what the papers are calling an 'historic' deal, dance band Faithless have signed a promo deal with Fiat. The deal includes a Punto featuring in the video for 'Feelin Good' (set to premiere in the ad break during this Sunday's Big Brother) and a special edition branded car.

As a huge Faithless fan (from the day my jaw hit the floor in my mate's room as he played me Insomnia for the first time - yes, on his 1210s - to the gig I went to at Shepherd's Bush Empire in 2007) I was naturally shocked and appalled.

But for a band that has no record deal, and allegedly took no money from Fiat, is this actually a smart move? The song itself is certainly not the best on the album - more 'filler' than 'floor filler'. Why shouldn't they extend their brand a little further in the twilight of their career with a little light sponsorship?

I'm going to tune in and see how the video looks. If it's cheesy I can see it being a flop - but if the branding is subtle and the execution slick enough, it might just work.

Just try not to think about the line from Faithless' 2004 hit 'Mass Destruction' when you watch it: "Whether Halliburton, Enron or anyone - greed is a weapon of mass destruction."